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Photos by: Clay & Co.
For the past FIVE years, New York City Swing has been volunteering their musical talents. Several times a year, they've energized and brightened the day for the young patients of Schneider Children’s Hospital. 

Dear Mr. DeQuattro and New York City Swing:

Once again, thank you for making our summer barbecue such a pleasure. Your presence there helped to make the afternoon one of fun and enjoyment. Having some of the children play your drums was wonderful.  

The expressions on their faces and their enjoyment of the music I’m sure created lasting memories for the patients and their families.  

We are looking forward to hearing you play again at one of our upcoming parties. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.

Sincerely, Steffi Schopick
Special Events Coordinator
Child Life Program
Schneider Children’s Hospital
New York City Swing has performed for the Heisman Trophy Award Dinners for the past 11 years including the 2012 ceremony honoring Johnny Manziel and we'll be there for 2013.
Dear Dore:
A little late, but sincere thank you for all that you did to make our 68th Annual Heisman Memorial Trophy Awards Weekend such a success.

Thanks to New York City Swing we are still receiving rave reviews from our guests.

It is a joy to work with such professional and dedicated people as you, and your multi-talented band. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to all of the members that were involved with our event.

I will call you soon with our dates for next year. We definitely want New York Swing for our 69th Annual Heisman.

Best wishes for the New Year!

Paula Hobbie
Heisman Dinner Coordinator

July 5, 2014
DORE AND TIM: There are not enough words to convey how amazing you guys made our night! Wow! 

From the first moment at the ceremony, to the very last bang at the end of the night, we were thrilled with NYC Swing! 

The ceremony was so beautiful with the flute and guitar. We loved the poignancy of the pairing and the sparse and delicate timber the pairing brought to the ceremony, and it still filled the space! I loved it so much and it really made the entrance magical. 

We are sorry to say that we completely missed the cocktail hour! The ceremony was so much longer than we thought it would be and between taking a break and taking photos, we just missed the whole thing. Our guests told us that the music was perfect for cocktail hour and that the musicians were amazing!

As for the reception - it was everything we wanted and more! We had hoped that we would have a party where people could not stop dancing and we did!! It was so amazing to see our friends and family going nuts on the dance floor! I have never seen my mom dance and it was amazing! 

We had countless guests tell us how you guys were the best band they had ever experienced at a wedding! And the best compliments were the ones that came from our friends who are musicians who said it was the best band! If you heard Andrews dads speech, you know that I'm a violinist, and I have to tell you I was extremely picky about bands. From the very beginning I told Andrew that there were two things that were priorities for me. My dress, and the band. Haha. Once I found you guys, I was extremely happy and I was so impressed with the stage presence your band had. So many bands looked so bored when they had a showcase, and I was really disappointed. Music should have some emotion involved! 

When we went to the showcase with Andrews sister, we knew immediately that you guys were the right fit for us. We couldn't stop dancing and it was so clear that you would heighten the exuberant joy at our wedding. 

Our guests were blown away by the breadth of music you played, and how good you guys were at switching between totally different genres! Although, I have to say I was terrified when the hora started. I actually tried to slip out because I had forgotten all about it but alas, a wall formed around me and I ended up in the dreaded chair. But once I got used to it, it was pretty amazing!

As for the first dance song, it was beautiful. We had neglected to take dance lessons so we were pretty nervous about awkwardly dancing In front of everyone important to us. But once the music started, it was so beautiful and soulful, all those concerns slipped away. I love love that song and it was absolutely perfect for us. 

I wish I could have danced more, the entire night was so short! All of our guests said it was amazing how packed the dance floor was the whole night. It was truly the most fun we've ever had at a wedding! I'm glad it was our wedding!!! 

Thank you thank you thank you for an incredible night that we can't forget. 
Mari-e & Andrew

June 24, 2014
Thank you, thank you for all that you and your crew did to make Steve's 70th birthday party perfect! Your music was exactly what we had hoped for, and your contribution to our celebratory evening was seamlessly perfect. Many, many thanks. Lots of friends have asked for your name and contact information, so I wouldn't be surprised if your in-box starts getting very crowded!

I look forward to our next special event, so that we can invite you to join us once again! Thanks, and all the very best,

May 31, 2014
I was at my friend's wedding last weekend and I wanted to say that your band was amazing! It seemed it was all we talked about after the reception besides how happy the bride and groom were! I was amazed when the groom's table sang an impromtu version of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" by the Beatles and the keyboardist, guitarist and bassist just jumped right into that immediately! Especially since it's not a more popular Beatles song, it amazed me how they picked it up and joked how it was a tough act to follow! I've never heard Don't Stop Believin' sound so funky and fresh for a song you always hear on the radio. Plus that was the best performance of Shout I have ever heard! The singer was dancing with us and in the crowd. I like how he made fun of the old guys who couldn't get as low as us young people! He really brought energy to the song. You guys seamlessly transitioned from one song to another and jumping through different genres of music. You guys are simply the best!
Chris (Catherine & Drew's Wedding)

May 25, 2014
To New York City Swing: After my wedding on Sunday, May 25th, all my new wife and I can say is: WOW!! You guys made the wedding. Everyone had a great time and many guests said it was the best wedding they'd ever attended. This is all thanks to you guys. The band was great and the singers were DYNAMIC! We expected a band, but instead found ourselves in the middle of a professional concert. Thank you so much for making the Rosendorf/Garfinkel wedding a perfect day.
Sue and Mark

May 25, 2014
Alex & Dore, Thank you so much for the most amazing wedding! The band teared the roof off! I have been getting compliments left and right about how great the band was. "The best wedding band I've ever seen." "It was like part concert, part wedding band." "I've never danced so much at a wedding." "I don't dance at weddings, but I danced at this one!" Also Alex, the arrangement you put together for our first dance song (Jamiroquai) was perfect. We were very impressed. Thanks again! 
All our best, Corina & Larry

May 24, 2014
Thank you for the spectacular performance at our daughter's Bat Mitzvah on May 17, 2014. We had the time of our lives. New York City Swing was nothing short of spectacular. The music was even better than the last time you entertained us which I didn't think could be topped. Dore works hard to customize the event and it is apparent how much he cares about us as clients. Dore started it off very strong - could not have started stronger - and it got better from there. Every player and vocalist contributed mightily and oh how we loved the brass. The rhythm section was great too. And we spoke with a number of the musicians and they could not have been kinder or more gracious. It was a long trip for them and you would have thought we were doing it in New York. Dozens of our adult guests told us how spectacular New York City Swing was and the kids saw that live music tops the DJ sound they are used to hearing. (At least when the live music is from New York City Swing!) The kids loved the incredible sound of songs that they know that are new and fresh. New York City Swing is as current as it gets. And every song we requested was played! Again, many, many thanks!! Can't wait to work with you again.
Stephen M. Miller

May 24, 2014
RIDICULOUS! Absolutely amazing! New York City Swing was everything that we had envisioned - AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!! We got married on Saturday May 24th at Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation. All of our guests are still talking about how amazing, interactive and "over the top" New York City Swing was! They had the dance floor packed the entire night. Dory and Tim were great to work with - organized, responsive, and truly professional. They know exactly what it takes to keep the dance floor packed and guests bouncing around - there is absolutely no need to give them song suggestions or any guidance. Roz was able to get every single person in the room on the dance floor with her energy and charm! Bigz is truly spectacular and will leave your guests absolutely blown away. We would recommend New York City Swing to anyone and everyone who is interested in having the best band in NY at their wedding.
Brette and Adam

May 17, 2014
We had the time of our lives. New York CIty Swing was nothing short of spectacular. Even better than the last time which I didn't think they could top. Dore started it off very strong - could not have started stronger - and it got better from there. Every player and vocalist contributed mightily and oh how we loved the brass.  

And we talked to a lot of the musicians and they could not have been kinder or more gracious. It was a long trip for them and you would have thought we were doing it in New York. 

I will follow up with more thoughts and reaction, but suffice it to say we will definitely get a testimonial up on the Facebook page. We already have some photographs from the photographer and I hope we can help contribute to your seeing more gigs in the Baltimore/Washington area.
Best to all,
Steve, Robin and Rachel

February 23, 2014
Thank you soooo... much for everything--the band's great sound and your horn solos for Uncle Lenny. Someone said they saw a tear in his eye as he listened. You must have really touched his heart. And as you saw, my sister and I really enjoyed dancing to your music. 

'Till we meet again, love and keep the music playing :-)
Barbara DeLuca

December 31, 2013
David and I cannot thank you enough for providing us with the best possible music of any wedding we have been to. We had the most amazing night of our lives and that was made in large part by you and your band bringing it the ENTIRE night. The energy was perfect, you really played to the crowd and we are still overwhelmed by the level of talent and professionalism from everyone at Uptown Swing. All of our family and friends are still amazed by you guys and have been asking "Where did you find this band?!?!" We will provide endless referrals, forever, AND god willing you are still around at the time of our children's bat mitzvah's we'll be booking you- HA!

Thank you again for everything. We couldn't be happier with our decision to book you immediately after that showcase. You were the first and only band we considered.
Lots of love,
Taylor and David

Photos by: Clay & Co.
Photos by: Clay & Co.
Photos by: Clay & Co.
Photos by: Clay & Co.
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